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Mattress Cleaning Services – Embrace Healthy Night Sleep Peacefully
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Best Mattress Cleaning Services 

After a tiring day and surviving from a hectic schedule, all anyone can think is unwinding in a cozy spot and release all the stress the body was holding up. Good night sleep is essential in such a time and resting on a clean, hygienic, and nice-smelling bedding will add charms to the comforting time.

But this can be a dream only when the mattress is old, smelly, and moldy. With stains all over it and a pungent odor like urine, nobody can enjoy tranquil sleep. So what to do in such a situation? Look for a professional mattress cleaning service provider to make sure your sleeping mattress is clean and tidy.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) confirms that there are 10,000 to 10 million dust mites and microbes on the mattress that can affect health. Don’t forget, dust mites on the mattress are like poison for asthma patients.

With mattress cleaning services make sure your mattress is clean and safe for a peaceful sleep. If you are looking for mattress cleaning services near me then choose Mr. Mahir as we offer a robust cleaning solution that eliminates 99% dust and dirt particles conveniently.

How To Clean Mattress Stains?

Accidents are part of life! When you spill something accidentally on your mattress it leaves a gross stain there, forever. Not a fan of stain on your mattress? Mr Mahir is a professional mattress cleaning expert who can eradicate all the stains from your mattress, either it is a spring mattress, memory foam, latex mattress, or ortho mattress.

Types of Stains on Mattress

There are several types of stains on the mattress that leave ugly marks and pungent odor, ghosting your sleep.

Bedwetting Accidents: Urine accidents leaving a stain and bad odor

Blood Splatter: Bloody nightmares leaving weird  looking spot

Puddles of Pukes: Kids tend to puke on the  mattress leaving a dreadful smell

Mysterious Stains: No idea how certain stains pop- up on the mattress

How To Clean Mattress Urine?

Bedwetting or peeing is a common accident, especially on mattresses. Kids and even adults sometimes wet the bed that leaves a nasty stain and unbearable smell. Cleaning the urine from the mattress is easy but deep cleansing so that the smell is also eliminated is a difficult task.

With expert mattress cleaning service, Mr Mahir comes with a reliable and fascinating process that not just removes the urine stain from the mattress but also kills the smell using a high-tech odor deodorization process. We use high-quality solutions that also fight against dust and dirt in the process.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Our team of professionals initially observe the stain and then decide how to remove it. We inspect the type of upholstery, the concerned affected area, and then select the suitable cleaning approach.

All of our cleaning solutions are formulated using Ph-balancing ingredients that treat the fiber of the mattress with care. We never opt for an intense cleaning process that can damage the mattress.

Usually, we start with the ultraviolet C light process, then use a high-power vacuum, then use the dry steam, followed by infrared heat, and finally use the ozone deodorization process to eliminate all the bad odor from the mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Service Near Me

Mr Mahir is a professional mattress cleaning expert who specializes in deep mattress cleaning services. Now enjoy cozy and calm sleep with our trusted services.

Call us today to book an appointment to enjoy a cleaner and healthier mattress.