How Can I Book a Professional Technician through Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)?

Booking Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)’s professional services is very easy. To meet the unique needs of our customers, we offer to book our services through four different channels. These channels include Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)'s website’s live chat, Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)’s App, Call, and WhatsApp (where you can leave a message or call directly).

Is There Any Benefit of Booking a Service through Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) Mobile App?

Definitely! We have launched the Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) app to make our booking and service delivery process faster, safer, and more reliable for you. In addition to this, if you book our services using the Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) app, you enjoy a 10% discount on your first booking, isn’t it exciting?

How Can I Register a Complaint in Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)?

We not only say but prove that the satisfaction of our customers is our success. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we encourage our customers to give reviews. In addition to this, you can leave a complaint in the complaint box, in live chat, on WhatsApp, or give us a call to register your complaint.

How Will I Know About the New Discount Offers?

You can follow us on our social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, to stay updated about our new offers and discounts.

Why is Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) the Best Home Maintenance Services Company in Pakistan?

We are the best home maintenance service providers in Pakistan right now. The reason for our accelerated growth is the confidence of our customers. To win and maintain their trust, we ensure an efficient, reliable, safe, and affordable service process. Our well-trained and verified technicians and responsive customer service add to our customers’ faith in Mahir Company (Mr Mahir). Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)'s customer service is our strongest suit, making us a more reliable and trustworthy company for booking home maintenance services.

In Which Cities Can I Book Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) Services?

Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) is growing! Now you can book expert and professional services through us in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Which city are you from?

What New Services Will Be Offered to Me by Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) in the Future?

You can book nine services in Lahore, six in Karachi, and four in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Soon Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)’s promise of making home maintenance easy goes up and beyond as we will be offering beautician, maid services, CCTV installation, and repair services in your city.

What are the Timings During Which I Can Book the Services?

For your convenience, we offer you to book our services from 9 am – 12 am throughout the week and even on weekends.

If I Want to Complain About Issues, Charges or Guidance, What Should I Do?

You can call our customer service representative to discuss your service experience and ask for guidance about the issues you are facing. In addition to this, if you have any confusion about the charges even after checking through our mobile app, please feel free to call us at (add number).

What Are Inspection Charges of Mahir Company (Mr Mahir)?

Our inspection charges are just 200 PKR.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you can cancel your booking at any step of orders, but if you cancel booking after technician assig to you Mahir will charge you 100 Rs.