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When was the last time you got your car washed?

Don’t let your vehicle pay the price of your negligence!

We all love to buy ourselves incredible and lavish cars that upgrade our lifestyle. We are always ready to pay an enormous amount of money to get the latest shiny beast and ride in it.

But when it comes to its cleanliness and tidiness, we usually opt for the cheapest options and end up with crappy services. Why we all think of money-saving ideas when it comes to car cleaning?

No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, life happens in it. You are not just driving it back and forth alone. Instead, your car is working as a grocery pick-up vehicle, or a school shuttle when your kids miss the bus.

It also plays a crucial role in being a restaurant with a lot of food on your seat. Hence your car requires car services Including a complete cleanliness program, from car washing to car detailing from inside and outside.

You may find many cheap service providers where you can get car cleaning and car detailing service online. But are all trustworthy?

Get on board with genuine car cleaning services with Mahir Company (Mr Mahir), a reliable brand providing incredible services at pocket-friendly rates. We ensure exceptional car washing and car detailing in Lahore and Karachi with convenience and perfection.

Exclusive Car Services

Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) provides a fascinating selection of services that are tailored for your car. We provide every car care service without compromise over the quality at affordable rates.

If you are busy, simply book an appointment and our representative will take your car. With our expert services, get showroom condition cars in no time!

We provide deep cleaning and enhancement services that include premium car wash services and comprehensive car detailing services.

Car Wash Services

It is recommended to take your car for a wash at least once in two months. This gives the car a new life, better looks, and stays good as new for a long time.

At Mahir Company (Mr Mahir), we provide exclusive car wash services that comprise dusting, mud removal, trunk cleaning, and polishing if required. We use high-pressure water along with foamy cleaners, leaving your vehicle shiny and glossy like before.

With our innovative and agile car wash services, we promise to bring your vehicle to its past glory. Busy with work and not able to drive your car to us? Don’t worry, schedule an appointment with us and our service provider will come to you. With our fast and secure doorstep services, get your car washed by a professional conveniently.

Car Detailing Services

Looking for car detailing online? Not sure who to trust?

Contact Mahir Company (Mr Mahir) today to get an ingenious car detailing service at your doorstep!

With our premium interior renaissance and rejuvenation, we provide all the essential car detailing services at an affordable cost. From floor to the minor detailing work, our professionals expertly condition your car with perfection.

Either it is the removal of bacteria and germs from the car, or refreshing the interior by eliminating the pungent odor, or cleanse the contamination from inside, we got it all covered!

Interior Rejuvenation

Our detailed service package includes:

• Car Seat Removal

• Carpet Cleaning

• Interior Cleaning

• Car Roof Cleaning

• Engine Detail Cleaning with Polish

• Compound Polish with Machine

• Carpet Shampooing

• Interior Air Freshener (Added Upon Request)

Call us today to book an appointment and enjoy professional services at a reasonable cost!