Hair Treatment

We offer the best hair treatment at home for the people
Blow Dry - Starting from Rs:1000 4.5 - Add +
Hair Styling - Starting from Rs:1500 4.6 - Add +
Wash-Blow Dry-Nail Polish-Threading - Starting from Rs:1500 4.2 - Add +
Hair Dye and Wash - Hair Dye and Wash Rs:1200 5 - Add +
Hair Protein Treatment - Starting from Rs:2000 3 - Add +
Keratin Hair Treatment - Depending on Hair Length Rs:6000 5 - Add +
Hair Rebonding - Depending on hair Length Rs:7000 5 - Add +
Hair Streaking - Depending on hair Length Rs:6000 4.2 - Add +
Hair Dye Application - Without Colour Rs:1000 5 - Add +
Balayage Treatment - Fixed Charges Rs:12000 4.2 - Add +
Ombre Hair Treatment - Starting from Charges Rs:5500 4.2 - Add +
Hair Highlights - Fixed Charges Rs:7000 5 - Add +
Hair Lowlights - Fixed Charges Rs:7000 5 - Add +
Hair Cut - Starting From Rs:1500 4.7 - Add +

Hair is a synonym for beauty, and there are no women who can compromise on it. Unless there are hurdles like the salon is far away or you do not feel like waiting in long lines at the parlour.

If you are struggling with the same, Mr. Mahir is your rescuer. We offer the best hair treatment at home for the people of Lahore. Our personal care service gets you a complete hair care package that is irresistible.

Safe & Convenient – Hair Treatment Services

Booking hair treatment services with us is highly convenient and safe. We connect you with the best professionals after verification and proper training sessions. You can book our services through our online sources i.e., website, WhatsApp, social media, or the Mr. Mahir app.

No Waiting – At Your Doorstep in Just 60 Mins

Booking hairstyling services through us does not require you to visit the market or make multiple calls to beauticians.

You can get a skilled and experienced personal care provider at your doorstep in just 60 mins after booking the service online.

We do not give you the stress of waiting as stress is the biggest enemy of your beauty!

One App for Complete Hair Services

You can use the Mr. Mahir app for all kinds of hair services, including hair treatment, blow-dry services, and hair dye and wash. We have complete confidence in our personal care providers that they will meet your unique requirements.

100% Guaranteed Hair Services You Were Looking For

We understand that it is not easy to trust anyone but a professional for a hair protein treatment.

Our skilled professionals have years of hands-on experience in providing protein treatment.

They have the right skills and use branded products, which makes them a trustworthy option for hair treatment.

Affordability with Accessibility 

You can book hair treatment at home through Mr. Mahir’s online platforms to enjoy healthier and more beautiful-looking hair at market competitive rates.