UPS Installation Services

UPS Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services
UPS Repairing - Visit and Inspection charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
UPS installation (Without Wiring) - Vary After Inspection Rs:1300 4.4 - Add +
UPS Wiring - Visit and Inspection charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +

UPS Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services in Pakistan

Pakistan is the only country that gives us flavors of all the seasons, including Summers!

But extremely hot weather and to top it off, load shedding every now and then especially in Lahore and Karachi gets unbearable at times. The only sensible way to breeze your way through the summer season is to get the UPS installed by hiring good UPS installation services in Lahore.

If you have got the UPS installed, then carrying out its maintenance is crucial as general wear and tear will occur increasing the risk failure over time. Timely UPS repairing services will save you trouble in the long run!

Watch out for these Signs!

If you come across any of these situations, it could be an ideal opportunity to connect and book UPS installation service for analysis and possibly a repair!

'There's an odd burning smell' – it’s a possibility that a battery, wire, or circuit board is going to fizzle.

'There's a weird, loud and consistent noise – typically a stressed component of the machinery.

‘The unit feels extremely hot' – often,  it’s the fan that is going to die or may have done so by now.

'The unit is bleeping continually' – potentially the battery needs reviving, replacement or the inner parameters need to be reset.

'There's no power showing from the unit' – maybe the battery needs energizing or replacement.

‘The unit is dead' – it may not be, yet it undeniably needs to be taken a look at!

UPS wiring:

UPS wiring is a very crucial step when getting a UPS installed. If the wiring goes wrong, there is absolutely no point in getting the UPS installed as it will either not work at all or keep on bugging you from time to time and require tonnes of repairing now and then.

During the busy summers, it is usually difficult to find good UPS installation services in Lahore as all the good electricians and workers are mostly busy.

However, Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) is well aware of this and has got your back. If you want to get your UPS wiring done or repaired, you can easily avail of UPS repairing services at Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) and enjoy your summers without the stress of load shedding. A wise decision taken once will save you for troubles in the long run!

UPS battery checking:

UPS battery checking is something that’s way too important to ignore!

The only way to save up major UPS repairing costs is to take care of your UPS. You want to make sure you are getting your batteries checked and it’s best to call a handyman at least once a month and see if your battery needs battery water fill-ups or any other minor repairing.

You can book an appointment with Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) and get your UPS battery checked thoroughly whenever you feel the need to do so or just book an electrician once every month to avoid any hassle. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

UPS Battery Replacement & Repairing:

Your UPS battery just has to disappoint you whenever you need it the most!

However, this is not going to happen anymore as Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) offers UPS repairing services at the most reasonable costs out there. You can now get your batteries repaired as many times as you need by Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir), without worrying about the impact on your pocket.

If you think the problem has gotten out of control and your batteries have expired, you still have got nothing to tense yourself about. You can easily get them replaced. Log on to Mahir Company's (Mr. Mahir) official website and search up UPS installation services in Lahore to get the best deals and handymen at your doorstep.

In addition to this, Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) also offers a wide range of services including carpenters, plumbers, painters, and practically all sorts of home maintenance and repair services. If you are worried about where to find the right handyman to get the job done, you have landed in just the right place.

 Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) has the best team that is just one click away from fixing your home sweet home. All you have to do is surf their website, select the service you need, book an appointment of your desired date and time, and VOILA! You’re done.