Plumber Services in Tughlaqabad, Karachi

From Plumbing Installs, Repairs, and Upgrades – We Fix it All
Mixer Tap Installation - Per Tap Rs:850 4.7 - Add +
Single tap Installation - Starting From Rs:750 4.5 - Add +
Sink Spindle Change - Starting From Rs:700 4.7 - Add +
Muslim Shower Replacement - Per Muslim Shower Rs:850 4.4 - Add +
Water Motor Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1200 4 - Add +
Kitchen Leakage Repairing - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Commode Tank Machine Repairing - Per Tank Rs:1200 4.2 - Add +
Hot or Cold Water Piping - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
Washroom Accessory Installation - Bathroom Shelves, Soap Dispensers, Towel Rails, Toothbrush Holders Rs:1500 4.8 - Add +
Kitchen Drain Blockage - Vary After Inspection Rs:1000 4.2 - Add +
Automatic Washing Machine Installation (With Wiring) - Vary After inspection Rs:2500 4.6 - Add +
Commode Tank Machine Replacement - Per Tank Rs:1000 4.7 - Add +
Water Motor Repairing - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.3 - Add +
Water Tank Supply Issue - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.3 - Add +
Gas Pipe Wiring - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
House Plumbing Work - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:600 4.4 - Add +
Commode Installation - Vary After inspection Rs:2500 4.4 - Add +
Pipeline Water Leakage - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Drain Pipe Installation - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.8 - Add +
Sink Installation - Starting From Rs:1800 Rs:1500 4.5 - Add +
Sink Pipe Replacement - Vary After Inspection Rs:700 4.6 - Add +
Water Tank Installation - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.7 - Add +
Automatic Washing Machine Installation (Without Wiring) - Vary After inspection Rs:1650 4.9 - Add +
Handle Valve Replacement - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Handle Valve installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.6 - Add +
Bath Shower Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1500 4.6 - Add +
Washbasin Installation - Starting From Rs:1500 4.9 - Add +

Plumber Services in Tughlaqabad, Karachi

Find Professional Plumber Services in Tughlaqabad, Karachi

Plumbing issues can happen anytime, and there is nothing more frustrating than not finding a plumber available nearby. If you live in Tughlaqabad, Karachi, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the expert services from the best plumber at Mr Mahir.

We make your emergency a priority while guaranteeing you impeccable service at any time and for any day of the week.

Speedy and Reliable Plumbing Services in Tughlaqabad, Karachi

You are never safe from the inconvenience of plumbing. Even equipment that is in good condition can sometimes be subject to a few minor operating problems. Our team will be at your service on time.  

Do you want to resolve your plumbing problem as quickly as possible? You can contact us to deal with it very quickly. Our skilled and professional plumbers cater to the most common issues up to the most specific ones speedily and effectively.

When Should You Call Mr Mahir for Plumbing Service?

You need to call Mr Mahir if you have:

·  Clogged Toilets

Is your toilet leaking, refusing to rinse or making strange noises? It could visibly ruin your day because this kind of equipment is more than essential in your daily life.

You should give us a call to use our safe, economical, and efficient plumber service. A simple intervention of our responsive and skilled team is enough to put everything in order.

·  Clogged Tubs and Shower Drains

Do you take a shower, and the water starts to rise to your ankles, or does a strange gurgling sound come from the drain? The most common reasons for this are soap and hair build-up in the pipes. Everything will be sorted out in no time by our expert technicians.

·  Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Does the constant drip on the sink bothers you in your sleep? A valve problem or mold deposits can cause this. Leave this delicate job to our troubleshooting plumbers.

·  Clogged Sinks – Water Leakage in Kitchen and Washroom

Does the water refuse to flow into the siphon when you are doing the dishes in the kitchen or brush your teeth in the bathroom?

Our expert technicians quickly resolve this type of frequent problem. Call us before the situation escalates. Indeed, a blocked pipe can seriously slow down your daily activities.

·  Water Heater Leakage

If you find a leak that interrupts your hot water supply, you may experience significant losses as a leak can cause seepage and result in property damage. Call us and find a professional plumber who can easily replace the water heater valve or set up a brand-new device according to your needs.

·  Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

Don't make the mistake of ignoring the mold and rust that forms on your washing machine. We have the necessary equipment to eliminate these inconveniences or repair cracks and bulging parts on the washer.

Besides all these common issues, our emergency plumber service includes:

  • Repairing broken water lines
  • Rehabilitating burst pipes
  • Adjusting your hot water supply
  • Backing up the sewer system, and much more

Note: You can also contact us if you want to get your plumbing equipment checked for any irregularities or to enquire about plumbing-related services near you.