Plumber Services in Rawalpindi

From Plumbing Installs, Repairs, and Upgrades – We Fix it All
Mixer Tap Installation - Per Tap Rs:850 4.7 - Add +
Single tap Installation - Starting From Rs:750 4.5 - Add +
Sink Spindle Change - Starting From Rs:700 4.7 - Add +
Muslim Shower Replacement - Per Muslim Shower Rs:850 4.4 - Add +
Water Motor Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1200 4 - Add +
Kitchen Leakage Repairing - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Commode Tank Machine Repairing - Per Tank Rs:1200 4.2 - Add +
Hot or Cold Water Piping - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
Washroom Accessory Installation - Bathroom Shelves, Soap Dispensers, Towel Rails, Toothbrush Holders Rs:1500 4.8 - Add +
Kitchen Drain Blockage - Vary After Inspection Rs:1000 4.2 - Add +
Automatic Washing Machine Installation (With Wiring) - Vary After inspection Rs:2500 4.6 - Add +
Commode Tank Machine Replacement - Per Tank Rs:1000 4.7 - Add +
Water Motor Repairing - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.3 - Add +
Water Tank Supply Issue - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.3 - Add +
Gas Pipe Wiring - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
House Plumbing Work - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:600 4.4 - Add +
Commode Installation - Vary After inspection Rs:2500 4.4 - Add +
Pipeline Water Leakage - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Drain Pipe Installation - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.8 - Add +
Sink Installation - Starting From Rs:1800 Rs:1500 4.5 - Add +
Sink Pipe Replacement - Vary After Inspection Rs:700 4.6 - Add +
Water Tank Installation - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.7 - Add +
Automatic Washing Machine Installation (Without Wiring) - Vary After inspection Rs:1650 4.9 - Add +
Handle Valve Replacement - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Handle Valve installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.6 - Add +
Bath Shower Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1500 4.6 - Add +

The plumbing issue is always a serious issue. Why? Because it can deprive you of your good night's sleep.

How? The constant tip, tip, and tap, tap sound coming from your bathroom will not let you sleep.

Are you going to let these issues take away your day's comfort and disturb you in sleep? No… then book professional Plumber Services in Rawalpindi through the Mr. Mahir app.

Mr. Mahir – One-Stop-Shop for All Plumbing Needs

Mr. Mahir is a home Maintenance company that provides customers with sought-after plumbing services affordably and efficiently. Unlike the local vendors, Mr. Mahir's plumbers fix, repair, and install all bathroom and kitchen fixtures professionally and reliably.

You will never have to worry about the high rates, fraudulent activities, and delays with us. We promise easy home maintenance, and we fulfill our promise.

Benefits of Booking Mr. Mahir's Plumbing Services

There are multi-facet benefits of booking a plumber through Mr. Mahir. Few are as following:

1. Doorstep Service

You can book the best plumbing services at home through Mr. Mahir and avoid the hassle of visiting the market, making multiple calls, and asking people to find you a plumber. You simply book a plumber through our website or Mr. Mahir app and get the professional at your doorstep without delay.

2. 100% Customer Satisfaction

We work with the vision that our customer's satisfaction is our success. So, ensuring your 100% contentment with our service delivery is our primary goal. You will never regret booking our plumber!

3. Verified, Trained & Responsive Plumbers

We know about your safety concerns when you let a stranger enter your home, Don't Worry!! Mr. Mahir's plumbers are verified during the registration process. Also, we train them to be at their best behaviors during working hours. So, booking Mr. Mahir's plumber services in Rawalpindi is a safe and reliable choice.

4. Affordable Prices

Low price range is a plus with the fantastic services of Mr. Mahir. With us, you will never have to take a significant amount out of your pocket. So, if you are looking for an affordable yet best Plumber in Rawalpindi, Book Now!!

5. Impeccable Customer Support

We believe in building a brand and ensuring customer loyalty simultaneously. When you book a plumber near you in Rawalpindi through Mr. Mahir, stay confident of our impeccable support. We welcome complaints from our clients to ensure high-quality service and the satisfaction of our customers.

6. Customer Reviews

We help you make a confident decision by making our customers' reviews available online. To see our customers' reviews, search online for the best plumber near in Rawalpindi.

7. Stress-free Booking

You have a lot of options for booking a plumber through Mr. Mahir. You can use Mr. Mahir's app, website, WhatsApp, or give us a call.

Remember, delaying plumbing work will cost you time, money, and peace of mind – a hefty price! So, don't delay and Book Now!!