Kitchen Hood Installation and Repairing

Kitchen Hood Repairing Services – Premium Work At Reasonable Cost
Kitchen Hood Repairing - Visit and Inspection charges Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
Kitchen Hood Installation - Visit and Inspection charges Rs:500 3.5 - Add +

Providing professional kitchen hood installation services at your doorstep!

Modern kitchenettes come with kitchen hoods, that work as a vent system. These hoods have exhaust fans installed in them that keep your kitchen fresh, free from unwanted smoke. Before these hoods, the custom was to have a hole in the wall with an exhaust fan installed. These holes were the best places to welcome unwanted guests such as lizards, bugs, and cockroaches.

With the new invention of kitchen hoods, keep your pantries clean and odorless. But there is one issue that needs to be addressed! Due to heavy usage, these kitchen hoods breakdown easily. When excessive grease, oil vapors, smoke, and heat is vented out from the hood, it rusts and gets damaged.

However, this problem can be resolved with specialized kitchen hood repair work. When your kitchen hood fails due to greasy fan blades, motor issues, etc, call in Mr Mahir to fix your appliance.

Providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in the year, Mr Mahir is satisfying kitchen hood installation near me issues all over in Lahore. Our professional and expert handymen reach to the customers along with their equipment to install, repair, and provide essential maintenance to the equipment.

Indication of When to Have Kitchen Hood Repair

It is easy to overlook the importance of kitchen hood maintenance. We remember to have kitchen hood installation but later forget to clean and maintain it. When the equipment is not getting cleaned up regularly, and grease or oil keeps on piling up, that’s when the whistle blows. This thing can cause a major issue and even become a reason for catching fire.

So here is a list of indicators that can help you in evaluating when the time is right to call in professional help to fix your kitchen hood.

• The ventilation is not working as expected

• Haze continuously lingering in the dining area or    the kitchen

• Instead of ventilating, the smoke is hovering all over

• Leaving an odor in the kitchen

• The kitchen hood is making noises during working

• Inconsistent heating or cooling conditions

• The temperate control settings have to be set again  and again

• The lamps of the hoods are malfunctioning

Types of Kitchen Hood Repairs

If you are observing that the exhaust fan of your kitchen hood is making a lot of noise, consider checking it. Check the blower wheel housing! Maybe something got stuck in there. If you find any motor bearing or any other component has worn out, without another thought, call us!

We are repairing two types of kitchen hoods that are found in Pakistan. Currently, we are providing services in Lahore and Karachi and soon going to spread across other cities.

• Residential Kitchen Hoods

Smaller in size and can be easily fixed in small or large capacity kitchens

• Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Larger and bulkier in size and are mostly found in restaurants and hotels

Kitchen Hood Installation Near Me

If you are looking for expert help with a specialized workforce whether in Lahore or Karachi, book an appointment with Mr Mahir today. Our handymen will reach you on your doorstep to look into the issue and fix it. If your kitchen hood is beyond repairs, the handymen will suggest your replacement.

Guess what! Along with repairing, we also offer installation services at an affordable cost. If you have bought a new hood for your modern kitchen, give us a call and our handymen will install it for you. We have specialized staff who can guide you with the best kitchen hood purchase as well.

Call us today to book an appointment and get your AC repaired at a reasonable cost!