Furniture Repairing Services

Refresh your Home Style with Furniture Repairing Services
Wardrobe Repairing - Visit & Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
Sofa Repairing - Starting From Rs:500 5 - Add +
Drawer Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Furniture Repairing - Visit & Inspection Charges Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Wooden Table and Chair Repairing - Starting From Rs:500 4.3 - Add +

Furniture Repairing Services in Pakistan

 All too often, we take the furniture at our homes for granted. Unfortunately, pieces of furniture age over time. Even worse, misfortune occurs that leaves our precious furniture was torn, stained, or they lose their appeal.

Perhaps your grandparents passed down a vintage coffee table to you, and accidentally one of its edges got chipped because a large item was knocked into it. It’s only normal to cringe a little bit when your furniture gets damaged.

What’s not unfortunate, though, is that there’s a furniture repairing solution not far from your front door.

Want to offload your furniture maintenance chores to someone who can handle it tactfully? Are you in search of the best furniture repairing services in Lahore? Give us a call, and we will provide you convenient furniture repairing services at the comfort of your home.

Let us know the details of your order over a phone call. Our team will be at your doorstep in stipulated time to repair, install your cabinets, wardrobes, etc., No matter the model or brand you bought, we can fix it as well. We believe in preserving and restoring the furniture and repair everything from windows to doors!

Furniture Repairing Services at your doorstep

Looking at broken or dirty furniture is annoying. Yet we tend to ignore it’s repairing and fixing because seriously who has time for it? We postpone this duty, for some ideally free time that never really comes.

That’s why we are here! The experts at Mr Mahir will visit your house with all the necessary equipment and will fix your furniture right in front of you. Whether it’s polished work on a wooden item that you are looking for or it’s the cabinet that needs fixing, we’ll do it. Yes! You do not have to leave your home!  Best furniture repairing services at Lahore is a click away from you.

Wardrobe/cabinets repair/installation

We all are familiar with the mess broken cabinets’ make. We know how annoying it is to deal with crooked wardrobes. Also, in many areas of metropolitan cities like Lahore and Karachi, dust and moisture accumulate within the wardrobes and cabinets very quickly causing it to deteriorate.

Our wardrobes and cabinets are the hearts of our home as they keep all the clatter away from our living spaces. Call us for fixing or assembling of wardrobes or cabinets.

Repair/installation of doors and windows

Doors and windows are the security guards of your house. You have to be very critical when it comes to their repair or installation. It is something where you cannot compromise on quality.

If it is a door or window that needs addressing, we have got your back!

Call us to have detailed troubleshooting of your doors and windows done by experts with years of experience and diverse skills. Whether it is replacing doorknob or it’s the glass that needs replacing, let us know,  we provide the best furniture repair services in Lahore.

Polish work on the wooden item

No matter how regularly you clean a wooden item, you will notice the shine going away from the wooden furniture and it will ask for polishing after some time. Polishing adds a protective layer to the exposed parts.

It nourishes the wood with natural oil and moisture and brings the shine back making it as good as new!

So ideally, all furniture repairing services should include polishing in its agenda.

We provide quality polish services for wooden items, that will make your furniture shine with its natural beauty after which your furniture will be able to resist termite damages as well.

Sofa Repairing

A sofa is where you and your guests can enjoy a cup of tea and have intimate conversations. Do not neglect the maintenance of this very important part of your home. This can ruin your good time.

Call us to get the broken sofa fixed today. 

Sofa Poshish

Mr.Mahir provides reliable Sofa Poshish services at affordable rates. Pick the best Poshish design you can find to beautify your guest room or living room. Change is always good and, we are there for you. 

Sofa Polish

A sofa is one of the decisive elements of your room enhancing the overall look of your room. One more service it needs is polishing, apart from Poshish change and repair.

Landing on a furniture repairing services that provide sofa poshish along with sofa polish as well would be a dream come true!

So, pick your phone and  Call Mr.Mahir today and let your beautiful furniture brighten up your entire house.