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Transform your Wooden Furniture with our Furniture Polishing Service
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Need for Furniture Polishing Service

Living in Pakistan, we all know how the families here keep their wooden furniture legacies close to their hearts. It’s not easy for them to even replace them!

But we all know after a considerable period of time, the wooden furniture loses its characteristic sparkle, regular oil, and dampness, which inevitably makes your furniture prone to harm because of periodically wear and tear and yes, the frustrating issue of termites in Lahore as well!  To deal with this issue and restoring the old magnificence, shine, and sparkle of the wooden furnishings, consider wood polishing service in Lahore and Karachi .

About Furniture Polishing Service

Furniture Polishing Service is being practiced since the days of yore. The motivation behind polishing wood is to make a defensive layer on the exposed surface of the wooden furnishings. This layer sustains the wood with characteristic oil and dampness, just as it gives the furniture a finish which can be reflexive, non-shiny, matte finish, and so forth. 

In case you are searching for an expert who can deal with your old wooden furniture and make them new, your search ends at Mr Mahir. Our experts are profoundly knowledgeable about restoring wooden furnishings. Our wood polishing services experts are skilled in giving your furniture the lustrous shine your furniture is missing out!

Why Call Mr Mahir Furniture Polishing Services?  

We have faith in offering a hassle-free service to our customers with an ideal objective of accomplishing the customer's satisfaction. When it comes to furniture polishing services, our specialists have procured the reputation of the best furniture polishing services expert supplier in Lahore. 

Wooden Furniture Polishing: We offer wood polish service for a wide range of wooden furnishings and wooden floors.

Experience: Our polishing experts are exceptionally gifted and furniture polished by our team of professionals makes your furniture stand out. 

The best part, you get to choose from a wide range of colors and shades of polish to adorn your furniture.

Types of Furniture Polishing Services We Offer

You can choose from a variety of these furniture polishing types to give your furniture the refined and lustrous shine!

Varnish Polish

This type of polish is a very widespread and popular technique used for polishing furniture. The finished product comes out to be a transparent and hard protective finish. Varnish polish enhances the wood’s natural tones and grains.

French Polishing

The most traditional form of furniture polishing that forms thin layers over a high glossy surface to form deep color contrast. This is caused by applying a thin coat of Shellac that is dissolved in denatured alcohol ultimately giving the most beautiful wooden finish.

Melamine Polishing

This type of polish requires organic compound melamine which is mixed with a formaldehyde to produce melamine resin. This polish is mostly used within Pakistani and Indian families probably because of its durability than French Polishing. This type of polish is both, fire and heat resistant.

Lacquer Polishing

This type of polishing gives the fastest drying on wooden furniture and requires several thin coatings. The layer that is formed is more durable than Shellac. As lacquer gets dried up quickly, there is minimal chance for the dust to settle on the surface of the polished wood, hence we see a dust-free finish.

Whether commercial or domestic restorations, we always carry out our work with customer satisfaction as our goal. Book our services immediately. We provide wood polishing service for a host of hard surfaces, including interior and exterior doors, chairs, worktops, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and much more.