Electrician Services in Islamabad

Dismantling your Electrical worries - Complete Electrical Solutions for Residentials & Commercials
Ceiling Fan Installation - Fixed Charges Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
SMD Lights Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Light Installation Rs:250 4.8 - Add +
32-42 Inch LED TV or LCD Mounting - 32-42 Inch LCD Rs:1000 4.5 - Add +
Switchboard Button Replacement - Per Button Rs:300 4.4 - Add +
Change Over Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1000 4.1 - Add +
Pressure Motor Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Single Phase Breaker Replacement - Starting From Rs:600 4.6 - Add +
Single Phase Distribution Box Installation - Starting From Rs:2000 4.5 - Add +
Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 5 - Add +
Manual Washing machine repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
Fan Dimmer Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:350 4.5 - Add +
UPS Repairing - Starting from Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
UPS installation (Without Wiring) - Fixed Charges Rs:1000 4.4 - Add +
Exhaust Fan Installation - Fixed Charges Rs:650 4.5 - Add +
New House Wiring - Per SQFT Rs:25 3.7 - Add +
Water Pump Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.8 - Add +
Electrical Wiring - Starting From Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
House Electric Work - Vary After inspection Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
Door Pillar Lights - Vary After inspection Rs:500 4.1 - Add +
Fancy Light Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Light Rs:250 4.4 - Add +
UPS Wiring - Per Point Rs:280 4.4 - Add +
LED TV Dismounting - Per LED/TV Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Kitchen Hood Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
Kitchen Hood Installation - Starting From Rs:500 3.5 - Add +
Fancy Light Installation (With Wiring) - Per light Rs:500 5 - Add +
SMD Lights Installation (With Wiring) - Per Light Rs:350 4.7 - Add +
Switchboard Socket Replacement - Per Socket Rs:300 4.6 - Add +
Power Plug Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Plug Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
Power Plug Installation (With Wiring) - Vary After Inspection Rs:600 4.8 - Add +
Light Plug (With Wiring) - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 5 - Add +
Light Plug (Without Wiring) - Per Plug Rs:400 4.8 - Add +
Ceiling Fan Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
43-65 Inch LED TV or LCD Mounting - Per LCD Installation Rs:1500 0 - Add +

No one can replace an electrician when it comes to electrical emergencies. You can sure try to clean your car or attempt to repair your broken chair, but electrical rewiring is not something that anyone can try.

For accomplishing an electrical task, you need to have proper training, or else the resultant will be a life hazard. Wait, we are not trying to scare you; instead, we intend to introduce you to a permanent solution for all your electrical needs and emergencies.

Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) – Electrical Services in Islamabad

Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) is the name that will shine in your memory whenever you need electrical services in Islamabad. With our commitment to quality and convenience, we have won the hearts of thousands of customers with electrical needs.

You can reach out to us for all kinds of electrical works, including Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair, UPS installation and Repairing Services, LED TV/LCD Mounting Services, Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation, and Water Pump Repairing Services.

Book Electrician Services with Confidence & Convenience

Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) provides the most reliable electrician services in Islamabad for making the life of the people of this city stress-free. Our services have been designed to make home maintenance easy. The following are some of the features of the Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) electrician services:

 Verified and Trained Professionals

Are you searching for someone for the electrical rewiring of your home? We are just a call/SMS/click away. We connect you with verified professionals who are skilled as well as experienced. Our professional electricians are among the best available in the city.

You can trust the professional electrician you book through us as we provide weekly training to our electricians. In addition to this, we give them weekly incentives to enhance their responsiveness towards you.


We understand how urgent an electrical emergency can be, and to ensure the utmost efficiency, we offer online electrician services. Using Mahir Company (Mr. Mahir) App, you can quickly book our professional electrician anywhere, anytime.

High-quality Service

In terms of quality, nobody can beat us! Our professional technicians provide high-quality electrical services to ensure 100% safety of you and your family from short circuits.

High-tech Equipment

Along with experience and skills, our professional electricians come equipped with high-tech equipment. The use of state-of-the-art electrical equipment and our electrician's responsiveness help complete the booking according to your expectations.


We are the service providers offering electrician services in Islamabad with the promise that our services will be better and prices will be lower than other providers. Our market-competitive prices make our services more desirable.

 Easy Booking

Yes! With us, you will find booking an electrician very stress-free. Our online electrician services can be booked by giving us a call, leaving an SMS, or with a few clicks on our website/App.

Safety for You and Your Family

To us, the safety of you and your family matters the most, and that is why our electrician services are made 100% safe with the use of high-tech equipment. In addition to this, our electricians follow all the SOPs to help you stay save from all kinds of germs.