AC Repair Services

AC Repairing Services – Timely & Affordable Solutions
AC General Service - Per AC (1 to 2.5 tons) Rs:3000 Rs:2000 4.3 - Add +
AC Repairing - Visit and Inspection Charges Rs:800 4.3 - Add +
AC Mounting and Dismounting - Per AC (1 to 2.5 tons) Rs:4200 Rs:3600 4.6 - Add +

The last thing you will ever want in summers is a bad Air Conditioner!

AC plays a vital role during sizzling hot weather, in keeping you and your family comfy indoors. But when the AC breakdowns, it becomes a frustrating problem which we all never desire.

We all are aware of the extremist summer weather in Pakistan. If it is too hot outside, a broken air conditioner becomes a minor concern, converting into a major pain in a matter of minutes. When your AC kicks in bad, time to call a reliable service provider for quick fixes.

From AC repairs to services to maintenance, Mr Mahir provides every facility at an affordable cost. With our timely response and professional assistance, get AC repairing services conveniently.

Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Witness

Most frequent air conditioner complaints and problems are:

• The indoor or outdoor unit not turning on

• When switching on or during operations the unit is vibrating or making noise

• Hot air coming right from the supply registers

• The fan of the outdoor unit jams and won’t rotate

• The fan is working but the compressor is not taking the load

• Water is dripping from the indoor unit instead of the outdoor unit

• The grill of the outdoor unit bent inside due to an accident

• The indoor unit flap is not swinging or broken

If you witness any of the issues in your AC unit, time to call for help from professionals. AC repairing is necessary if these issues arise. Contact us on our 24/7 operating number for emergency AC repairing services.

Types of Air Conditioner Repair

Like all other gadgets and equipment, an air conditioning system can also stop working all of a sudden. They need repairs and maintenance, no matter what.

There are three types of air conditioners that we can repair for you. These units are different from each other and hence their repairing cost also varies.

• Split System Units

Comprising of two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit

• Packaged Air Conditioners

A single unit that has the evaporator, condenser, and compressor all in one place

• Air Conditioning Ducts

Passage for heating, cooling, and ventilating larger areas

• Ductless Split System

Typically uses outdoor and indoor units but do not have a duct system

We are offering AC repairing in Lahore for the past few years. Mr Mahir is now providing exclusive AC repairing in Karachi as well.

Our AC Repair Services

Mr Mahir is offering the following AC repairing services:

• Thermostat repairs and replacement

• Central air unit repairs

• Compressor and refrigerant replacement and repairs

• Multi-zone air conditioning system repairing

• The central air conditioning system

• A broken or dysfunctional fan in the outdoor unit

• Emergency repair services

AC Repairing in Lahore

Mr Mahir is a renowned brand in Lahore, providing exclusive services of repairs, maintenance, and installation of home essential gadgets. We ensure premium services at pocket-friendly cost! All you need to do is book an appointment with us and schedule an appropriate time. Our professional handymen will come to you on your doorstep with the necessary equipment.

AC Repairing in Karachi

After phenomenal success in Lahore, Mr Mahir is now providing handyman services in Karachi as well. We are assisting in AC repairing, helping you fight the hot and humid temperate of the city. Time to get rid of amateur and expensive handyman and turn to expert service providers who can complete the job at a reasonable cost.

Call us today to book an appointment and get your AC repaired at a reasonable cost!