Electrician Services in Karachi

Dismantling your Electrical worries - Complete Electrical Solutions for Residentials & Commercials
Ceiling Fan Installation - Fixed Charges Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
SMD Lights Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Light Installation Rs:250 4.8 - Add +
32-42 Inch LED TV or LCD Mounting - 32-42 Inch LCD Rs:1000 4.5 - Add +
Switchboard Button Replacement - Per Button Rs:300 4.4 - Add +
Change Over Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:1000 4.1 - Add +
Pressure Motor Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 4.5 - Add +
Single Phase Breaker Replacement - Starting From Rs:600 4.6 - Add +
Single Phase Distribution Box Installation - Starting From Rs:2000 4.5 - Add +
Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:800 5 - Add +
Manual Washing machine repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
Fan Dimmer Switch Installation - Vary After Inspection Rs:350 4.5 - Add +
UPS Repairing - Starting from Rs:500 4.4 - Add +
UPS installation (Without Wiring) - Fixed Charges Rs:1000 4.4 - Add +
Exhaust Fan Installation - Fixed Charges Rs:650 4.5 - Add +
New House Wiring - Per SQFT Rs:25 3.7 - Add +
Water Pump Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.8 - Add +
Electrical Wiring - Starting From Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
House Electric Work - Vary After inspection Rs:500 4.3 - Add +
Door Pillar Lights - Vary After inspection Rs:500 4.1 - Add +
Fancy Light Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Light Rs:250 4.4 - Add +
UPS Wiring - Per Point Rs:280 4.4 - Add +
LED TV Dismounting - Per LED/TV Rs:500 4.6 - Add +
Kitchen Hood Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
Kitchen Hood Installation - Starting From Rs:500 3.5 - Add +
Fancy Light Installation (With Wiring) - Per light Rs:500 5 - Add +
SMD Lights Installation (With Wiring) - Per Light Rs:350 4.7 - Add +
Switchboard Socket Replacement - Per Socket Rs:300 4.6 - Add +
Power Plug Installation (Without Wiring) - Per Plug Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
Power Plug Installation (With Wiring) - Vary After Inspection Rs:600 4.8 - Add +
Light Plug (With Wiring) - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 5 - Add +
Light Plug (Without Wiring) - Per Plug Rs:400 4.8 - Add +
Ceiling Fan Repairing - Vary After Inspection Rs:500 4.5 - Add +
43-65 Inch LED TV or LCD Mounting - Per LCD Installation Rs:1500 0 - Add +

Electrician Services in Karachi

A long to-do list of pending electrical works is something we all can relate to. Such works should not be delayed, but unfortunately, we take the risk because of our busyness. However, it is dangerous as electrical issues can lead to irreversible situations.

Understanding the severity of the problem, team Mr. Mahir offers online electrician services in your Karachi

Safe and Reliable Electrical Services in Karachi

Our wide-ranging electrician services include but are not limited to installing or changing a light bulb, water pump repairing, LED TV mounting, ceiling fans installation, electrical rewiring, and water tank automatic switch installation.

With us, you can find verified electricians near you in a matter of seconds. Our electrician services are reliable, quick, cost-effective, and safe enough to make your life stress-free.

Book Electrician Easily & Quickly

With Mr Mahir, finding and booking an electrician has become easier than ever before!

All you have to do is to go to our website, sign up, and you are free to choose any electrician near you with a few clicks, a call, or just an SMS.

Why Choose Mr Mahir's Electrician Services?

After having a successful run in Lahore, Mr Mahir is now penetrating in the city of lights as a dependable name providing home services. We have won the hearts of thousands of customers with our skillfulness, experience, and responsiveness.

The following are some important features of the electrician services of Mr Mahir that make it the right choice:

100% Customer Satisfaction

We connect you with skilled and experienced electricians who ensure 100% customer satisfaction through safe and effective electrical works.

We make sure that all your electrical-related issues are resolved in the first go. If not, you will be compensated through a revisit of the assigned electrician (no extra charges) until you are a happy customer.

Safe & Stress-free

Our electricians do electric rewiring skillfully during ceiling fan installation, repair, and other electrical works to ensure your home’s and family's safety.

We aim to help you prevent short-circuits and other electrical hazards by getting the electrical works rightly done by expert electricians near you.

Efficient & Guaranteed

Our experienced electricians offer you a wide range of electrical services quickly and satisfactorily.

These services even include water tank automatic switch installation and water pump repairing services.

Be it ceiling fan installation, network cable installation, fan dimmer switch installation, or new house wiring, our electricians will never disappoint you.


We know that sometimes you have to delay important works like fixing electrical wiring and other electrical issues due to the affordability factor.

To help your situation, we connect you with the best electricians who will do the trickiest tasks like the installation of a UPS and its repair effectively and economically.

Responsive to Your Unique Needs

Booking an electrician with us saves you from dealing with an unprofessional electrician. Someone who can cause damage to your property, ask for extra money when bringing equipment from the market, and not adhere to your instructions during the service delivery.

Contact us today for stress-free electrical works in Karachi