How to Save on Your Electricity Bill

Paid a hefty electricity bill this month? Now that the tariff has been increased by 7.9 per unit, you should expect an even bigger next month.

Since the temperature has been above 40 °C, using AC and coolers has become an indispensable expense. Loadshedding is there to add to our electricity bills as now we have to charge the UPS to cancel its effect.

We take showers more frequently, which becomes the cause of higher usage of water motor resulting in elevated bills. Also, home appliances such as deep freezers that consume a greater number of units are also used in the summer season.

Yes, it is a devastating situation, and it demands that you adapt ways through which you can save on electricity consumption and its bill.

Tips for Lowering Electricity Bill in Summers

Here are some of the ways that will enable you to save on electricity bills even in June & July when the temperature is above 46 °C:

1.  Turn Off Devices Not Being Used

Do you know an 80W fan consumes four units, and your TV eats up three units a day on average? Also, if you have an AC of one ton, it consumes 18 units per day if used around the clock. So, in case you have been leaving electricity devices on when those are not in use, make sure you don’t.

Do you have electric devices that you cannot switch off due to some malfunctioning? Book electrician services online to stop the wastage of electricity.

2. Use Energy-conserving Appliances

Use LEDs instead of yellow light bulbs and switch to an inverter to consume fewer units. Compared to normal AC, an inverter AC is very energy-efficient as it devours about 40-60% less electricity. So, considering the current situation when there is a massive hike in temperature and price of electricity, it is advisable to buy an inverter AC.

Switch to an inverter and book AC installation in Lahore to enjoy the optimum performance of your AC throughout the summer season.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to buy an inverter, you can choose to set your thermostat between 24-26 degrees Celsius to prevent big electricity bills.

3. Replace UPS with Solar Panels

Loadshedding has increased so much in Pakistan that UPS has become a necessity. However, UPS is a blessing in disguise as you have to spend a hefty amount on its purchase, and it consumes a lot of electricity while you are charging it.

If you do not have deep pockets, you can switch to Solar panels as your alternative energy source.

4. Lessen the Usage of Electricity During Peak Hours

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (NEPRA) has declared off-peak and peak hours and their tariffs. The tariffs are way higher during the peak hours (between 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM). So, to lower your electricity bill, you should avoid using power-hungry devices and appliances like iron, washing machine, AC, etc., during these hours. This preventive method will help you reduce your electricity consumption and, consequently, your electricity bill.

If you cannot switch off your LEDs, fans, exhaust fans, water motor, or AC due to malfunctioning switches, book electrician services in Lahore for effective and efficient solutions.

5. Insulate Your Home to Block the Sunlight

If you don’t want to spend on AC bills and are looking for some ways to save money while keeping your home cool during the summer season, you should consider insulating your house’s walls. You can use insulation sheets to block the sunlight and keep your house from heating up. Also, make sure you draw blinds and curtains to block the heat. These tips will keep your rooms cool long after switching off your AC, hence helping you save on your electricity bills.

Hope you will find these tips helpful. Follow these and thank us later 😊