How to Clean the Exterior of Your Car?

To prevent your car from looking washed out or poorly maintained, you should regularly give it the care it needs. For a complete and perfect car cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior, hand washing is the best solution. However, the use of this method does not guarantee a satisfactory result.

For the cleaning to be as effective as possible, you must use the right technique, especially the right products. In this article, we will explain effective methods for car cleaning.

The Three Steps of a Good Car Wash

  1. Proceed with a good shower of the most clogged parts. Start with the parts most prone to clogging, such as chests and door sills. Clean the rubber gaskets with the renovator, then clean the rims.
  2. Clean your tires with a rubber renovator use a brush to scrub several times, and rinse.
  3. Finally, take care of the frames and sills. Remove pigeon droppings, mosquitoes, and other insects stuck on the car with a nylon stocking (which is more effective than a simple sponge).

Regarding the plastics in your car: mirrors, gaskets… prefer the renovator and the nail brush.

How to Properly Clean the Body of Your Vehicle

The following is a comprehensive guide on how you can clean the exterior of your car in the most reliable way:

· Soap & Wash from Top to Bottom

The exterior should be cleaned in a top to bottom manner. Start with the less dirty roof, and finish with the wheels and the exhaust pipes. For effective car wash services, prepare two buckets: one containing dish soap (or shampoo) and the other containing only lukewarm water.

· Sponge Your Car Cautiously to Avoid Scratches

Make the first jet of lukewarm water on your car to pre-loosen dust and grease. Then immerse a sea sponge (or gang) in the soapy solution. All you have to do is clean the exterior with the soaped sponge to remove all dirt traces. Finally, rinse the sponge in the bucket of lukewarm water to remove any dirt that may have stuck to it.

Thanks to this maneuver, the soapy water will remain clean during any washing, thus avoiding any risk of scratches. It is very important to choose a sponge without a scraper to prevent aggravating the dirt and ultimately scratching your vehicle’s paintwork. If necessary, use several sponges depending on the area to be cleaned.

· Wipe the Car Thoroughly

This step must be done carefully. If you proceed incorrectly (especially for darker-colored cars), traces of lime or remaining soap will appear after your vehicle has dried. The cold-water jet is the best rinse; it removes the last dust and dirt.

· Rinse the Car Carefully

While doing this, be careful not to spray the ground with water for fear of splashing. Then dry the car with the chamois leather for effective removal of water and lime traces. Work on the gaps in the doors and the windshield washer on your car to ensure perfect drying.

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